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First things First

Target groups

Accidental translators People who have content to translate


An entry point for first-time translators and first-time multi-lingual content developers

How do people find translators today?

- Friend recommendations - Deal with local university to translate as uni projects (used by macedonian GV) - Personal requests and the role of being asked in person for help on specific projects?

sections for the website?

- FAQ - Tools - Social network - Community/Forums - Jobs DB with search ( - Translation environment - very simple place to translate

Landing page

- I'm a translator - I want to be a translator - I have content i want translated, what do i do? - What tools can i use to be a better translator - What tools can i use to make a more translatable


Accidental translators

- Where can i see something that has already been translated in my language pairs, and info on the challenges - How can i find people who are already working in my languaghe pairs - What are the best tools i can use for translations? What do the developers recommend? - What are the recommended workflows for my kind of translation - Incentives? Why should i translated? Who benefits? - Where i can find meaningful tasks in my language pair that are easy to get started on? - Getting started? How can i share my translations, what tools can i use? - I speak a foreign language. Can i translate? - What are the most common translators mistakes? - I want to translate, how do i find a job? - Where can i find glossaries and lists of existing translations in my language? - Who are the target group of the content i am translating? - What os the copyright situation in translation?

Content Providers

- If i don't speak the language myself how do i do QA? How do i ensure that the quality is ok? - How do i decide what needs to be translated? - How does translation memory work. Where are the corpora for my languages? - Who has done this before in my language pairs? - How long does it take to translate? - What os the copyright situation in translation? - What is it going to cost me? in terms of technology and/or translation? (compared to professional translation) - What CMS and/or tools should i use to make it easier. - What is machine translation and should i be using it? - What are good ways of making a multi-lingual UI? - What about non-public documents? How do i handle them, what is the situation?


A list of tools that a translator can use A list of tools that a content developer can use Descriptions and reviews of these tools from a translation viewpint (social source commons)

Next steps

- Get a few would be translators and pair them with experienced translators, and monitor their conversations for input to the site - Build a FAQ

- Brian has a prototype of a system that allows arbitrary links between source documents and translated versions of the same documents acros multiple websites. It also allows uploading of document url's that you want translated

Miscellaneous brainstorm output

Managing mentoring relationships - social network - reputation - job tracking

Resources Section - Dictionaries - Links to Terminology section - Forum - Ability to find mentors, more experienced people - Events - Projects list

Translation job database - Job submission with metadata - Ability to search for projects based on time you have to volunteer, the language you speak and other criteria

Search Tool - For finding material that has been translated and for finding prpojects to volunteer on

Other - Access to Training - Links to translation communities with intros - platform for translators to meet developers, forum or so - Dictionary aggregator for language pairs - non-open tool for this is called babylon - a widget that people can put on their website that links to a introductory - Get onto the projects "get involved" page