Translation in Mobile Tech

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  • Key thing about mobile – fundamentally for quick person-to-person communication: SMS, twitter, voice. Anything building a mobile app needs to keep this in mind.
  • With mobile devices, limited to short amount of work at a time.
  • Notification could be used. Send SMS message alert with headline and link – “help us translate this article” with a link. Then when they get to a place where they can do *the longer translation work, like at the office, could work on longer form content.
  • Voice translation or interpretation – could build services that would generate revenue for people with mobile devices around the world. Could send alert – we need an interpreter for this phone call – can you dial into the conference call to provide this translation? Cost of call is nothing compared to the cost of the service (because caller pays). This would have been prohibitively expensive 5 years ago.
  • Need to be sensitive that if you're asking the phone user to call you, that will cost the user money.
  • SMS works well for short phrase translation, dictionary entries.
  • Could also use the picture taking function to take picture, then label with language name.
  • Question – how many languages/scripts is SMS enabled for, and we are not sure about Unicode – we think this may be spotty.
  • There are micropayment banking solutions for this as well.
  • This would be a great book sprint topic.