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Translation Workflows in CMS


Petra facilitating

Intro to Joomla:

There is a translation module in joomla callend JoomFish (

Challenge: Currently translators need access to the backend, and it's difficult to restrict their access to other parts of the admin interface. This means the workflow practically becomes a manual workflow. Joomfish adds drop-down for language selection on website.

According to the joomfish site, the newest version of joomfish allows for frontend access for translation, and hence does not depend on access to the backend.

Joomla has a workflow with roles including author, editor and publisher (but no author role).

JoomFish also has no option to show only translated articles in a specific language. It must replace non-existing translations with either a default text or a default language version.

JoomFish/Joomla also requires 1 default language which is the basis and other translated languages.

Drupal seems to have more and/or better

Nooku ( is a newis joomla plugin/extension with workflow for translation and multilingual sites.

Jeremy: Wordpress has no canonical translation plugin. There used to be one but it's currently unmaintained. Until there is multilingual support in the core, wordpress is not a good platform for running multilingual sites. i.e. WOrdpress is localized but has no support for built in translation.

Discussing the advantages of plugins that offer integrated machine translation. Wordpress has a number of plugins that offer this functionality, probably other cms'es also have.

Typo3 has multilingual suprt built in, but may not have a vibrant enough developer community to be useful in the non-profit world?

Mediawiki is working on functionality for tagging translated pages when the canonical language changes.

Can we do reviews of CMS systems with multi-lingual translations in mind?

Is it perhaps easier to manage it manually if and when you are working only in 2 languages? This is the approach of LAKapps in joomla ( They basically run 3 sets of languages in 3 languages.