Translation Projects in Participatory Economics

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Cultural diversity is reflected in different language. Translation is enhancing communication and decrease cultural conflicts. Open content is inviting people to participate in developing it. The same with open economics! Fields like Local exchange currency, community currency, meta-currency,.. reflects the existence and evolution of open economic systems. Post modern open [ partisipatory economy] is inviting enterprenture from different expertise, professional and cultural backgrounds to share decision making process within common economic development platform. In this term English will not have to be the dominating language if we consider OTT as part of the of its philosophy.

How to leverage open source, open translation into participatory economic? How can we combine and integrate OTT with Business Project Management Tools, Content-Management-Systems, interactive collaborative CRM (Customer Relations Management) toward economic collective intelligence and broad balanced economic development?

Participatory economics is corporate with decision making. OTT can be a synthesizer

A void “volunteering” according to cultural misunderstanding (east europe). Value added is property of creator. Get incentive to do the job. Social capital as possible reward

Open Economics is developing diverse community around it. Holistic Green Economy is the best focus to develop open community economics. Check the study case on "Holistic Green Economy in Global Palestine"