Regional Translation - South Asia

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ui translation

  • software designed with english, many dialects in india and southasia
  • problem with date time abbreviation problem
  • phrase in english when translated takes up more spaces in the ui
  • date, time, number formats problems
  • gender issues
  • preservation of context while translating is hard to maintain to preverse ui, compromise
  • shortage of words, iceland is generating words, nepali and most indian transliterate those words.
  • pootle, launchpad helps with tooltip, but it suggests what translators have already done

content translation

  • improper aphabetical sorting due to unicode problems, move from unicode to cldr sorting
  • in latin, some font dont support some characters
  • regional context based translation (burgers and ball)
  • rewriting content than literal translation is sometimes better (shakespere poems and bilbles for ex in kannada)
  • hows the experience with tools?
  • plone translated to kannada, helped in disaster management, govt included that into local ration shops
  • one option can be conf files
  • image localization problem
  • wikipedia plugin for non-unicode solutions (non-unicode to unicode solution)
  • machine translation issues and translation corpus
  • rendering issues with lingatures
  • book sprint topic