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Central Asia:

South of Russia, west of China, north of the Middle East

  • Each country has its own native language
  • The region was all part of the Soviet Union
  • Prior to becoming part of Soviet Union most languages written in Arabic script
  • During soviet union, Russian official language. Native languages became switched to cyrillic script
  • Now there are debates in various countries about whether to use cyrillic script, latin script, or even arabic script.
  • So there is debate about whether to use Russian or native language and another debate about what script to use for native languages.
  • In most schools - native language is language of instruction
  • When it comes to software almost everything is in Russian

2005 with tactical tech - FlossCamp Tajikstan

  • 16 countries
  • in English and Russian
  • brought up issues of localizing Floss software

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan - Linux-based operating systems in native languages

"To create demand you have to have supply."

How to create demand:

  • "Computer science classes are taught in Tajik, but the software is still in Russian or English.
  • There is economic incentive to use larger languages because there is a larger market.
  • Force state institutions to use native languages.

Firefox available in Tajik, but most people still download Firefox in Russian.