Preparing Content for Translation

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In prepping content for translation there are three things you have to be aware of

-- Language

what language are you translating to and from? If you are translating from english to any other language you have to concerned about a 15-20% growth in the space the content will take up.

-- Format

are you publishing a flyer, a manuel, on the web etc. the format will determine the space the content lives in and how much of the content will get translated.

-- Colloquialism/Cultural relevance (especially when it comes to Marketing and advertising translations)

ex. Nike -- Just Do It! Campaign. this phrase doesn't translate well in to many languages from english. Translators often have to transform phrases or slang words to make sense in other languages. ]

Also translators have to be well versed in the culture they are translating into as to not use the wrong colors, phrases, etc. that would offend. This is often the case when translators from a "western" culture translate into "non-western" culture.