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Thanks Adam for sharing with us the inspiring to create manuals world of the book sprint, a technology developed by FLOSS Manuals Foundation that facilitates creating manuals on free and open source software installation and usage in a very short time. This technology is a very handy online tool for developing of either completely new manual or assemblying the one out of the existing ones from its repository. Currently its repository consists of about 50 manuals in English and some of them translated into Russian, Dutch and Farsi languages. Every interested one is welcome to create his/her own account through a very easy registration procedure. It is equipped with a chat facility allowing members to share thoughts. Translation built-in engine eases translation of available manuals into other languages. While assemblying a new manual out of the existing ones credit has been paid to each author of a particular topic used.

This packet contains over 500 strings and a few images to translate that makes it very easy for localization. At the time it is localized into Dutch, French,Finnish, and Farsi.

The only requirement, which from the other hand adds more value to it, to make use of this tool's advantages for creating a manual is that it has to be about FOSS application. You are welcome to learn more about this technology by clicking [1]