Localized Operating Systems: Example Nepal

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Basanta: Working in library in Nepal. Working for “MPP trust” in Katmandu, The localization project is supported by Canadian NGO

Country background: About Official Language is Nepali. Same script like Hindi. There is many cultural commons with Indian Hindi. Both languages belong to Devanagri Family

Focus our discussion about :

1. Language computing in Nepal: a. Key-Board lay-out: traditional Uni-code , Romaic b. Fonts missing: develop new uni-code fonts. c. Localized Operating Linux system. Based on Dibian d. Nepali spellchecker, grammar e. Nepali Text to Speek TTS f. Corpus based Nepali dictionary g. Sambad: interaction SW for illiterate (50%) people h. LTSP Linux Terminal Server Project integrated into the Nepali Linux. i. IDN internationalized domain name “sttp.nepal.com” in Nepali

2. What are thing should be read before you start localized Linux a. “Local” b. Font c. Input System d. HR: 5 people + 10 Translators for 3 years. + Fund!

Adjusted the existing English Linux by the process of localizing. Manual exists!

Note: • Windows OS in Nepali is poor • Include social tools in the OS • Deploying the SW into rural areas need computer HW, donors are chased: Roll-out?