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Examples of multilingual, open content projects:


  • How to decide what language to show your visitors? (By browser language? IP? Both?)
  • Where to encourage conversation? On the source blog, on the translations?
  • How to show source text in the translations? (Blockquote? Javascript overlay? Nothing?)

Best practices:

  • Detect browser language and make recommendations to visitors. (Or, present them with different content.)
  • When edits are made to a source text, all translators are notified of the changed text.

Different subdomain sites for each language (like Wikipedia) versus one multilingual site:

  • Separate sites: Easier to build a community around one language.
  • Localized sites: Multilingual commentary in one place.

How content translation projects can share content and avoid duplication?

  • One option is using a central service like WWL.
  • A fear is that if WWL goes down, then all those translations go down (unless backed up).
  • A meta tag that points to a translation so when we search for content, if that content is available in another language, then a link to that translation shows up in the google search results. (So any translator can search to see if a text has already been translated.)