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Specific projects

Helping to cover a specific activist news event, translating in dutch, arabic, Russian, schipol, rie

Open lingua data / TM glossary dB

Is there an ideal character word count on translated material that helps quality control?

we are looking for the best, cheapest, most accurate way to translate content between ethnic media orgs in the Usa

We would like to integrate "open translation" in foreign language curriculum

To explore and discuss the use of OTT with open educational resources


How best to translate the same text into various languages transliteration, arabic, latin Cyrillic

What are the technical issues around transliteration

Audio to text/video

what are the barriers to audio translation and are they worth overcoming?

How to do speech to text then translation and back into content?

Looking for open source speech recognition software to translate spoken/voice recorded material

Online video subtitling tools?

What's new tech or tools for open video subtitling

which tools exist for translation video

what video translation tool exists and which give the most freedom

tools for open translation for video film to reach a wider audience

any subtitling sharewere out there? video dvd etc

cultural and political issues

translation and transition as machine for world peace

how to lessen dependence on english

is english the best lingua franca for translation? esperanto?

how do you fit 6800 languages in a pull down menu (ut question)

how do I publish more content in any languages?

how do we localize marketing?

how do we motivate translators to act in different cultural or economic situations?

how to ensure translations from and to "small languages"?

how do I manage quality in a community translation system?

a ... text what language is use (think orthography)


translation is culturally biased

holistic green economy in global Palestine generation as approach to global community emergence

open tool of choice for routing payments for translators

what language/ geography is the most need of translation tool/technology?

what are the reputation, reward, payment methods to support increased translation?

how do we build a translation exchange that combines gift economies and $ economies

effect of volunteer translation on the economic situation of paid translators

business models for news translation programs


What should we translate? what's in demand?

why should people volunteer to translate

why should one care about tools for open translation

how do we move away from english as main language in a polyglot internet

what exactly is a "professional" translation

translation as "art"

Machine translation

what is the best machine translation algorithm? paradigm?

proper use of machine translation

machine and human translation, how?

once it's translated, we need to retranslated (languages as historical human beings)

should we be investing in machine translation rather than social translation?

how can one enforce mutual evaluation (peer review) reputation building?

how will domain specific machine translation improve translations

how can I label translations by the way they are created?

machine aided human translation MATH is a better way to help the collaborative/open translation

What language is it?


What is the relationship between traditional translation communities to online ones

Is there a central place for community opensource ... commercial translators now?

where to find activist translation communities?

how to encourage volunteer translation activism in central asia?

global semantic government 2.0. dialog and translation

What are assimilation and dissemination?

Hierarchy is good in the translation community

How to build translation communities?

How to incetive volunteer translators

What role will does should social media portals play in exchange/accurate translation for lay people?

How can translation of constantly changing content be sustained?

How to organize and facilitate translation communities?

How do we foster creation of open source translation memories?

Can we design a translation community that has many kinds of content/subject matter?

How to facilitate communication between technologists/linguists?

what value will the social networking and media add to the promotion of translation tools

Is collaboration suitable for all type of information?

How important are communities for localization of software

Incentive structures for translation

How to maintain/manage online distribute d communities

How can we bring the beginning volunteer translator up to speed quickly as regards basic translation issues (style, context, audiene, literal or free etc)

How do we sustain communities of translators?

How should open translation and open license communities work together?

How to build translation networks between different communities?

How do we encourage members of existing "open" communities to engage in translation?

what models of multistakeholder approach are applicable?


What kind of users seek online translation?

what would online allowing service clients to commision/request translations to look lie?

selling translation services for people not currently translating

how to make open translation projects scalable and commercial?

copyright licenses

which license for the databases (translation memories)?

we need to develop a bsd/like license cc/by for content

legal status of translated text / is translation a derivative work?

implications of content licensing on translation

attribution not only to author but also illustration and translation

who should have intellectual rights over this (client/payer vs translation/other)?

sharing translation memories to improve information

how to share translation memory/ get translation data online?

how why to take closed source translation to open source translation? open up!

to what extent can you copyright translation memories?

how do you fit authoring/intellectual rights in language data sharing? that later might be used for companies to make profit?

how to take advantage of mobile phones for distributed translation

how to use text messaging for translation?

how to take advantage of audio as translation medium?

which cc license is most appropriate for linguistic data

how do we create a rights management regime that allows for simple movement of translated content into CC licenses

How do we build consensus around open licensing of translation data?


How to build cross platform translation reputation system

what is translation "reputation"? how do you represent it?

ownership of the problem of lack of information


who is missing from ott09? who should be here but is not here?

time to talk about how to get people to meet and discuss translation/online tools


what roles should local governments play in supporting open translation?

how can we popularize esperanto language?

how do we sustain translation long term?

the relationship between what to translate and how to translate

what is needed to support now that is not going to exist in google or other commercial companies

the effect of Google ... on translation memory and other translation related data

how we create multistakeholder mechanisms to support open translation

motivating/recognizing/inviting translators to participate in crowdsourcing by non-profit projects


what does it take to translate medical information?

what workflow can ensure quality of translations produced by team volunteer efforts, especially when there are no minimal competency requirements for these volunteers?

how to translate tools and technology help others translators work faster and with higher quality?

promote global language data sharing to support automation, efficiency and quality of translation

How do you reduce the occurrence of bad translations?

how do we retain local relevance and context?

how do we prioritize quality and quantity? best tools and methods for quality control

Translation quality is not good/bad, there is a scale...

How do you evaluate translation quality when you can't read the language?

what is the best way to manage quality control in a crowdsource situation?

what are the things that stop people contributing time to volunteer translations

what's the importance of style guides and glossaries for translators?

how to ensure translation quality with volunteers?

whats the role of dictionaries in volunteer translations?


use of signatures in translation memory (on validation) can improve translation quality control

translation process and method

how to avoid bridge languages in open translation?

how do you "translate" oral languages?

how do we take care of minority languages in open translation?

please tell me what segment, chunk, TM, terminology (and what all these acronyms mean)

what are the issues related to map place name localization?

how do tools adapt to existing translation workflows?

what are the foss translation tools available for software localization?

we need tools for coining new terms, involving experts who are not translators?

how to build the connection between software translators and documentation translators

taking advantage of linguistic closeness in translation

what is the best tools to translate from a pdf file

what processes do people use to translate?

what is the best way to manage volunteer translation communities

workflow in translation communities

collaborative distributed translation workflows

how to setup an editorial process for community translation

how do I integrate translation systems with other systems

requests and queuing mechanisms for translation (how do we find 10 people who request a translator)


why don't we all just google?

developing tools that help humans translate?

how to develop life translation CRM systems for multi-lingual community?

awareness of open translation projects

tools for creating open collaborative dictionaries

how do we match the ideal tool for specific content/needs in translation

translation tools aside memory and their limitations

what tools are we missing for managing collaborative translation?

what are the best tools for facilitating collaborative translation or content?

information> what is the complete set of information that can be used to help translators (in CAT tools)? ex> glossaries, TM, pharse, tests

What tools and methodologies support the translation of ongoing discussions (ie forum threads) so that members of many language communities can participate?

sharing translation across many foss software

what is the best OS translation tools?

what are some mobile tools for translation?

what tools can we use to let the translator see the context of the text they are translating, when we are dealing with translation of strings of a software interface?

how can you exchange translated content quickly (on a news cycle) rss, social media etc?

most efficient translation tools for making translations simple for researchers (this is with relation to voluminous material)

what is missing in open translation tools in comparison to commercial tools?

is it possible to have one translation platform that serves many languages?

Tot-training Training on the processes of open translation tools

Open translation tools and your content management system (cms)

creating spellcheck dictionaries. any experience to share?

what types of translation memory solutions are available in open source?

how to setup an editorial profess for community translation?

how many languages does your tool work for? there are about 6 800 languages in the world)

automatic online translation for quick and rough translations

why aren't translations more aware of OS translation tools and involved in their creation/process?

should we focus on compliments to google translate toolkit or alternatives?

what are extended fonts? where are free font repositories?

support language in tools (thnk Napolitan)

should we let people do their own text segmentation?

how do we version gra... information and its localizations?

how can we make open linguistic data maximally available?

can one start a collaborative translation memory from scratch?

what is the best form to present translated material on the web?